Growth of Solar Panels

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Solar panel growth can be due to a variety of factors, including the increasing cost-competitiveness of solar photovoltaics (PV) and the ongoing advancement of PV technology. Furthermore, government policies and incentives have aided the expansion of the solar panel business. Solar panels in Hong Kong are likely to rise in popularity as more countries try to convert to sustainable energy sources.

Foldable solar panels are panels that can be folded for storage or transit, and this is the type of product that Hong Kong hikers would be interested in.

Smaller panels are often used for trekking and camping, and larger foldable panels are commonly installed on RVs to charge devices inside the vehicle.

Jackery, BigBlue, and Renogy are three popular startups that sell foldable solar panels.

This popular foldable solar panel generates approximately $74K each month on Amazon.

What’s next for Solar Panels?

Foldable solar panels are part of the Portable Solar Panels meta trend.

Campers and hikers have long been fans of portable solar panels.

However, there is significant interest in this product category among WFH personnel who want to work from remote locations or while traveling.

As a result, search interest in this product category is fast expanding (search volume for the keyword “portable solar panels” has increased by 108% in the last five years).

This highly-rated portable solar panel earns around $10,000 each day on Amazon.

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