Hong Kong Represents Itself Independently From China At The Olympics

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China has designated Hong Kong as a special administrative territory. At the Olympics, Hong Kong is represented separately from China.When it was still a British territory, Hong Kong participated in the Olympics for the first time in 1952. Since 1996, when it was elevated to the status of a special administrative area of China, it has contended as a separate state.Hong Kong has a rich sporting history and has produced numerous athletes of the highest calibre. Hong Kong earned two bronze medals at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, one in windsurfing and one in shooting.Over 200 medals, including 50 golds, were won at the Asian Games by competitors from Hong Kong. The Games were also held in the city in 1990.The competitors from Hong Kong will aim to leave a lasting impression at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Young athletes from the city are competitive, and Siobhan Haughey, the world’s top 200m freestyle swimmer, is one among them.
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