Humidifier in Hong Kong

Most people only think about their air conditioner when it’s not working properly in the summer. However, your AC is used year-round to control the humidity in your home. Too much humidity can cause problems like mold, mildew, and respiratory problems. If you’re having problems with humidity, then we hope that these vendors can fix any issues you might have. If you have a humidifier, make sure it’s working correctly and is properly maintained. A humidifier can help add moisture to the air and reduce humidity levels. If your AC is cooling your home properly but the humidity is still high, try using the exhaust mode instead of the cooling mode. This will blow moist air out of your home instead of cooling it. The humidity in your home is caused by the water vapor that is present in the air. This vapor is created when water evaporates from a surface, such as your skin, or when it rains. High humidity can cause problems in your home because it can lead to mold growth, increase the likelihood of respiratory problems, and make it more difficult to cool your home.

List of Hong Kong Humidifier Companies

Humidifier Company Tai Po
Central Mansion A, 26 Tai Kwong Ln, Tai Po, Hong Kong
Tai Po
+852 2653 3955
Humidifier Organization Kwun Tong
Hong Kong, Kwun Tong, Hoi Yuen Rd, 60號2樓C2 Camel Paint Building Block 3
Kwun Tong
+852 2698 9866
Hong Kong, Admiralty, Queensway, 89號, Lippo Centre Tower 1, 座 3506室
+852 3528 0268
Humidifier Services Prince Edward
號, 602 Reclamation St, Hong Kong
Prince Edward
+852 3426 9051
SUN Mobile
83 Argyle St, Mong Kok, Hong Kong
Mong Kok
+852 2363 5310
Munters HK Ltd
10號 Cheung Yue St, Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong
Cheung Sha Wan
+852 2578 1466
Hong Kong, Kwai Chung, Kung Yip St, 2-8號6樓E2室 Effort Industrial Centre
Kwai Chung
+852 3153 2570
Hong Kong, Lai Chi Kok, Cheung Yee St, 10號號 10 樓 B 室昌隆工業大廈
Lai Chi Kok
+852 2487 8736
Twins Baby Co Ltd
Hong Kong, Kwai Chung, Wah Sing St, 16號, Bold Win Industrial Building, 23樓B室
Kwai Chung
+852 6251 3318
Pearl Garden
Hong Kong, Mong Kok, Yin Chong St, 9號1702 Prosper Commercial Building
Mong Kok
+852 6610 3959

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