Hong Kong: The Marriage Graveyard For Expats

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Written By Henry Dalziel

I've been living and working in Hong Kong since 2016 as an SEO Professional.

If a couple does not remain watchful about the potential difficulties that come with living in Hong Kong, the stresses of expat life on their marriage may result in divorce.

Before you reach out to a Hong Kong divorce lawyer; read on to understand more about how you can solve your marital problems.

What exactly is it about Hong Kong that gives it the reputation of being a “marriage graveyard”?

Is Work Getting In The Way?

Jobs in Hong Kong for foreign nationals are not always easy to find.

People are frequently forced out of their comfort zones and faced with the task of taking on roles that are all-consuming. The pressure that people put on themselves to achieve may be incredibly stressful, especially given the present state of the economy.

Because of this, people whose partners also have jobs are more likely to be irritated and distracted, and they may also experience stress-related health issues such as trouble sleeping or headaches. At home, this could take the form of getting irritated about very little matters, which then escalates into full-blown conflicts. The pressure, which stems from the stress brought on by work-related issues, might eventually lead to a sense of discontent in one’s marriage.

Jobs may also take on significant worldwide duties, earning them large titles and hefty paychecks in the process. It is possible that the mixture will be intoxicating for certain people, causing them to feel an inflated feeling of importance and entitlement.

It is well knowledge that doing business socializing in Hong Kong frequently involves staying up late and consuming drinks. Many professionals in the corporate world have mentioned that they frequently spend the night’s conclusion in one of the city’s many girlie bars or strip joints in Wan Chai. It should not come as a surprise that some married people have extramarital relationships due to the fact that alcohol has a disinhibiting impact and that there is an unwritten agreement among coworkers that extramarital sex or affairs are allowed, if not expected.

More Money, More Temptations

The more accomplished and wealthy a guy became, the more likely he was to have an affair. Many successful career-driven men, in essence, may readily adopt expectations and ideals surrounding entitlement and adultery, even if they are harmful to their marriage.

But, because individuals are disloyal all over the world, why single out one location? One particular temptation that my male clients mention is being chased by women. Many claim to have been contacted regularly by ladies they met while out socializing. A flurry of aggressive calls and messages follows a late-night exchange of phone numbers. Some people take a chance because of the mix of positive, sexually charged attention and temptation, never expecting to be discovered.

Expat Stress On Marriage

Expat living may cause substantial dislocation and morphing of marital roles, making it a stressful time for marriage. Couples must address these difficulties while also coping with new resentments that may arise if neither spouse is equally excited about their new existence.

One of the pressures that expat couples confront is one spouse’s continuous travel. Extended absences require the partnership to shift even more. Furthermore, one spouse frequently gives up their own employment in order to help the other progress in their career. Trailing spouses might grow resentful of working spouses after feeling abandoned, lonely, and deprived of professional identity and worth.

Covid simply enhanced the stress of marital life in Hong Kong owing to the restrictions of movement.

Take Time Before Committing To Divorce

Individual feelings and emotions might be overlooked in long-term partnerships in order to meet greater utilitarian demands. Making time for each other to preserve and strengthen that particular emotional bond is an investment in your marriage.

Don’t underestimate the importance of spending time with your spouse and truly being there for each other at that time. It’s beneficial to discuss how to protect your marriage against the temptations of this metropolis. If you don’t think you’re spending enough time together, make a request.

If possible, really try to maintain a high priority for your marriage. Make sure you’re both putting forth the effort to address each other’s most pressing demands. If you don’t know what they are, discuss it with your friends. These easy but effective strategies to keep your spouse close and linked can give your marriage a sense of assurance and safety – and may even improve it.

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