Mixing Coffee, Tea & Milk in HK

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It is common practise in Hong Kong to make a beverage by combining coffee, black tea and milk and serving it in a cup. The name of this beverage is yuan yang, and you may frequently find it served in cafes. The name Yuan Yang comes from the Chinese characters for yin and yang, which were originally used to refer to Taiwan. It is stated that the beverage exemplifies the harmony that exists between yin and yang in the universe.The traditional recipe for yuan yang calls for equal parts black tea and coffee; however, the exact proportions of tea to coffee used in the drink are according to individual discretion. After adding milk to the mixture, the beverage can either be heated or chilled before being served.It is not entirely clear where yuan yang began; nevertheless, it is believed to have started in Taiwan in the 1950s. In the 1970s, it first gained popularity in Hong Kong, and since then, it has expanded throughout the rest of Asia.In Hong Kong, many people who prefer coffee or tea opt for yuan yang as their beverage of choice. It’s been said that the beverage is both invigorating and tasty, and that it’s the ideal way to enjoy both coffee and tea.
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