True Crime: Hong Kong -> Sleeping Dogs: An Unexpected Change

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Sleeping Dogs was supposed to be the third part in the True Crime series when it was first conceived. It was formerly known by its current title, True Crime: Hong Kong. The video game was initially revealed in 2009, but Activision decided not to publish it and canceled it in 2011. In spite of this, Square Enix decided to bring the series back to life in 2012 and publish it under the new title Sleeping Dogs.The True Crime series is a collection of action-adventure video games that have been crafted by Luxoflux and made available for purchase by Activision. In 2003, the very first installment in the series, titled True Crime: Streets of LA, was made available to the public. After that came True Crime: New York City, which was shown to the public in the year 2005.The first game was hailed for its open world gameplay, and the second game was praised for its better graphics and gameplay. Both games received generally excellent reviews from critics. Despite this, there were some issues during the course of the show. The first game was criticized for having a gameplay that was prone to bugs, and the second game was panned for having a length that was insufficient.In spite of all of these issues, the series managed to maintain a level of popularity that necessitated a third episode. However, in 2011 Activision decided not to publish the game because of ongoing financial difficulties.However, Square Enix decided to give the game a second chance and re-released it in 2012 under the name Sleeping Dogs after it had been given a complete makeover. Many people praised the game’s open world gameplay, story, and characters, and it was a commercial and critical success as well.Despite the rough development that it went through, Sleeping Dogs turned out to be an excellent game that fans of the True Crime series will appreciate.
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