Van Gogh Alive

This was one of the best Artist Events in Hong Kong, and we’re delighted to be able to include it within our directory as a lasting memory.

The Van Gogh display in the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, scheduled to debut in August 2021, will be larger in scale than the Sydney or in Hong Kong display since it has been expressly constructed and constructed to house this awe-inspiring and state-of-the-art digital exhibition.

In this multi-sensory exhibition, you’ll be able to see Van Gogh’s paintings come to life.

A multisensory exhibition including lesser-known Van Gogh paintings and artworks that brings the artist’s most recognizable and less popular works to life. Customized to include a classic musical soundtrack, this highly interactive visual exploration enables you to examine more than 3,000 projected pictures all over the venue’s walls, columns, and even the floor. Be sure to see the interactive drawing room where you can try your hand at painting on canvas, after seeing a projected film, as well as a set of the Arles Bedroom where you may do photos and autographs

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