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Official List of Luxury Hotels in Hong Kong

Premium Hotels in Hong Kong Welcome to the Official List of EVER Luxury Hotel in Hong Kong! That’s right! We believe we’ve created THE most concise list of luxury and premium-rated hotels in the city. The Hong Kong Market Post Covid The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant influence on the Hong Kong hotel industry. Travel …

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Eco-Friendly Travel Bags

Stubble & Co is an outdoor travel apparel company that specializes in eco-friendly travel bags. In a crowdfunding effort sponsored by over 550 people, their “adventure bag” constructed of recycled plastic raised over $80,000. This would be ideal for those interested in glamping and camping in Hong Kong. Last year, the startup’s sales increased by …

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Growth of Solar Panels

Solar panel growth can be due to a variety of factors, including the increasing cost-competitiveness of solar photovoltaics (PV) and the ongoing advancement of PV technology. Furthermore, government policies and incentives have aided the expansion of the solar panel business. Solar panels in Hong Kong are likely to rise in popularity as more countries try …

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Glamping In Hong Kong

Glamping Has Come of Age in Hong Kong Gone are the days of camping out in the wild with a tent, a few supplies, and your imagination. Welcome to glamping: the perfect combination of glamour and camping. Glamping is a relatively new phenomenon that has taken off in recent years as an alternative to traditional …

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Exodus…Movement of Jah People?

Sure, we’re seeing an exodus of Hongkongers. Residents are leaving because of the city’s 2019 political upheaval and ongoing pandemic restrictions. Over 94,000 Hong Kong residents have left the city via Hong Kong International Airport in 2022 alone, according to immigration data. That might seem like a smallish number, considering that Hong Kong has a …

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Hong Kong: The Marriage Graveyard For Expats

If a couple does not remain watchful about the potential difficulties that come with living in Hong Kong, the stresses of expat life on their marriage may result in divorce. Before you reach out to a Hong Kong divorce lawyer; read on to understand more about how you can solve your marital problems. What exactly …

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Hong Kong Niches

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