28,000 Rubber Duckies Lost at Sea in 1992: Still Washing Up Today

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Written By Henry Dalziel

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On January 10, 1992, a shipment crate containing 28,000 plastic rubber duckies toys was lost by the container ship Ever Given. The crate went overboard, and ever then, the duckies have been washing up all over the place. After a storm in 2007, ducks swarmed a beach in Wales. A Florida beach was similarly blanketed in ducks in 2013. Even in the Arctic and in the African deserts, the duckies have been discovered.The rubber duckies have come to represent our disposable lifestyle and the pollution it causes. They serve as a reminder that the waste we discard does not simply vanish. Both our oceans and our beaches eventually receive it. The ducklings serve as a reminder of nature’s tenacity. Despite being composed of plastic, they have assimilated into the surrounding environment.
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