3 Private Banks Authorized to Print Hong Kong Dollars: Different Designs in Circulation

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The Bank of China, HSBC, and Standard Chartered are the three banks authorised to produce Hong Kong banknotes. The designs on the banknotes differ and may be easily identified. In Hong Kong, all banknotes are legal currency and can be used interchangeably.Hong Kong banknotes have a long history dating back to the colony’s early days, when the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation was created in 1865. The bank created its own banknotes in addition to Spanish and Mexican silver dollars. The Hong Kong dollar, the colony’s first paper money, was issued in 1866. In 1884, the three banks authorised to produce Hong Kong banknotes were given the authority to issue their own banknotes.The designs of the banknotes have changed multiple times since then. The most current revamp took place in 2007. Banknotes are now constructed of a polymer substance that is stronger and more secure than paper.The three banks authorised to produce Hong Kong banknotes are in charge of ensuring that enough money is in circulation to meet the economy’s demands. They also collaborate closely with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority to keep the currency stable.
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