47M People In World’s Largest Urban Agglomeration: Pearl River Delta

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Written By Henry Dalziel

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With 47 million people crammed into an area smaller than metro Tokyo, the Pearl River Delta is the urban agglomeration with the highest population density in the entire globe. Another 7 million people call the neighboring city of Hong Kong home. The Pearl River Delta has a long history of urbanization, with the earliest cities developing in the region more than 3,000 years ago. This makes the Pearl River Delta one of the oldest urbanized regions in the world. Since the beginning of Chinese civilisation, the Pearl River Delta has served as an important cultural and economic hub for the country of China. This region is known as the cradle of Chinese civilization. Over 12% of China’s gross domestic product is generated in the Pearl River Delta, making it the economic powerhouse of China at the present time. The Pearl River Delta is a significant manufacturing hub, and it is the location of many of the most successful businesses in China. Guangzhou Port, the busiest port in the world, and Hong Kong International Airport, the largest airport in China, are both located in the Pearl River Delta, making it a significant transportation center as well. The Pearl River Delta is also an important economic hub.
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