G4S Truck Crashes In Hong Kong, Witnesses Steal $15M Hong KongD After Cash Spill

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In September of this year, a G4S truck collided with a BMW in Hong Kong. Boxes of $500 bills were thrown out of the truck’s defective door as a result of the incident. Witnesses to the collision grabbed the money and fled the scene. Over $15 million HKD was stolen in all.This was not the first time G4S, a British security firm, had misplaced money in transit. After the driver left the car alone for a few minutes, $14 million HKD was taken from a G4S truck in Hong Kong in 2017. The money was never found.G4S has been operating in Hong Kong for over 20 years and is one of the world’s largest security firms. In recent years, the corporation has come under fire for a number of high-profile security breaches, including the theft of $500 million in diamonds from a G4S-secured facility in Belgium in 2013.
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