An Extremely Rare Pregnancy: Fetus-In-Fetu in Hong Kong Birth

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In Hong Kong, a baby was born who was discovered to be pregnant with twins, demonstrating an extremely rare developmental abnormality known as fetus-in-fetu. It happens in approximately 1 in every 500,000 births. Fetus-in-fetu is an extremely unusual occurrence in which one fetus is discovered inside another pregnancy. It is believed to occur when twins unite in the womb and one fetus envelops the other. It is most usually found in the belly, although it can also be present in the brain, the chest, or other parts of the body. It is commonly discovered in children or young adults, but it can also be found in adults.In the medical literature, only about 200 cases of fetus-in-fetus have been described. The first case was reported in 1808, but the illness is believed to have existed for much longer. It is more common in twin-dominant nations like as Nigeria and India.Fetus-in-fetu is frequently discovered during an ultrasound or CT scan for another cause. Surgery can be used to confirm the diagnosis. Treatment is normally not required, although it might be done if issues arise or if the person wishes to have children in the future.This is a very rare disorder, but it is an excellent example of the extraordinary things that may happen in the womb.
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