Architects Designing Buildings for Dragons in Hong Kong

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Written By Henry Dalziel

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Dragons have a significant role in the history, culture, and mythology of China. In Hong Kong, it is common practise for builders to cut passageways or openings in buildings so that dragons can go from the mountains to the sea without encountering any obstacles. Dragons are seen to be a symbol of good fortune and financial success, which is why this is the case.Throughout history, dragons have been seen as representations of strength and power. They were frequently connected to the emperor and were regarded as protectors of the Chinese people throughout that time period. It was also believed that dragons had the ability to control the weather and produce rain whenever they wanted.Dragons continue to hold a valued place in modern Chinese society. They are frequently considered to be symbols of good fortune and are utilised in a wide variety of contexts to that end. For instance, many shops and offices in Hong Kong feature either a statue of a dragon or an image of a dragon somewhere in the space. In addition, dragons are frequently seen at various events and festivals held in China.
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