Attack On Titan: A Metaphor for Mainland China Popular Among Hong Kong Youth

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Written By Henry Dalziel

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Because the invading Titans in the series are sometimes considered as a metaphor for mainland China, Attack on Titan has garnered a lot of positive attention among the younger generation in Hong Kong.The first episode of the series was released in 2013, and it is set in a world in which enormous humanoid beings known as Titans have suddenly arisen and started consuming mankind. The final survivors of humanity have taken refuge behind a network of enormous walls in an effort to shield themselves from the oncoming danger.The Communist Party of China and its efforts to rule and oppress the people of Hong Kong are sometimes perceived as a metaphorical counterpart to the Titans in popular culture. The Titans, in the eyes of many young people in Hong Kong, are a symbol of the Chinese government’s attempts to destroy their way of life as well as the freedoms they enjoy.Because many young people in Hong Kong perceive watching the series as a means of expressing their frustrations and anxieties over the Chinese government, it has gained an enormous amount of popularity there. Many young people may be seen wearing shirts and other products that contain the show’s logo as a result of the show’s success, which in turn has contributed to an increase in sales of Attack on Titan merchandise.
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