Bail Bonds in Hong Kong

Bail bonds are a type of financial bond that is used by the bailers (the person who has been arrested) to post a bond for the bailer’s release. This bond will be paid back to the bailer if he or she returns to court and is found innocent. Bail bonds are most commonly issued to help ensure a defendant appears in court, but may also be issued for other reasons such as helping pay medical bills or support payments from family members.

Before entering into an agreement with a bail bond we strongly encourage you have created a relationship with a Hong Kong lawyer; especially one with Hong Kong criminal defense experience.

Bail bonds are used to secure the release of those who are incarcerated. The person who is being released on bail must post the amount of money required to purchase their freedom before they can be set free. Bail bonds usually have a very high rate of interest, in order for people to pay back their debt and ensure that they will return for court appearances.

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Bail Bond Fees

Bail bonds are a service that is provided by bail agents. A bail agent is someone who provides this service for you at a fixed price, usually much less than what it would cost to hire an attorney. Bail bond companies will provide guaranteed money in the form of cash or surety bonds when a client needs to be released from jail before trial.

A bail bondsman is a person who helps people to whom they owe money to get out of jail by paying the full amount due on their bond. Bail bondsmen are often paid with either cash or securities and/or property that are given to them in exchange for their services.

Legal Agreements

Bail bonds are legal agreements that allow a person who has been arrested to have their freedom secured. The amount of money needed depends on the crime committed, but many times bail is set at 10% of the defendant’s total bond. Bail bondsmen are licensed professionals who provide this service for people in need.

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