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Following the spring closure of theaters and studios in New York, leaving many dancers with nowhere to practice but in their living rooms, the summer, and early fall saw an explosion of outdoor dance, with workshops and rehearsals springing up in parks and other public locations. (Some indoor studios reopened, but only to a restricted number of people.) Outdoor activities dwindled as the weather dropped. Even in the dead of winter, though, some artists and teachers have continued to bring people together to dance – in person — in the open air.

Ballet courses, which are traditionally housed in studios with barres and sprung floors (ideal for leaps) have shown especially tenacious in this new terrain of outdoor dance. Amateur and professional dancers alike are donning shoes, masks, and layers to continue a familiar practice that is crucial to many people’s physical and emotional well-being.

List of Ballet Schools In Hong Kong

We’ve identified the following companies as offering ballet lessons in Hong Kong.

Virtuoso Ballet
Unit C, Kimley Commercial Building, 14/F Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
Ballet Lessons
+852 2877 5522
dream Stage
Hong Kong, Cheung Sha Wan, Cheung Yue St, 10號億京廣場 2 期12樓C室
Ballet Lessons
Cheung Sha Wan
+852 3705 3622
Hong Kong, Central, Arbuthnot Rd, 3-5A號 Unit 801 & 803 Universal Trade Centre
Ballet Lessons
Funky Dance Limited
Hong Kong, Central, Stanley St, 11號23樓全層
Ballet Lessons
+852 2523 1811
Hong Kong, San Po Kong, 越秀廣場2樓211號鋪
Ballet Lessons
San Po Kong
+852 9361 3471
1號 Suffolk Rd, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
Ballet Lessons
Kowloon Tong
Ivy Chung School of Ballet
Room 501, Block A, Sea View Estate, 2 Watson Rd, North Point, Hong Kong
Ballet Lessons
North Point
+852 2573 3434
Jolly Kids Ballet School
Hong Kong, Sheung Shui, 龍琛路48號上水匯10樓1008室
Ballet Lessons
Sheung Shui
+852 2639 9070
2106, 21 WONG CHUK HANG, ABERDEEN, HONG KONG, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong
Ballet Lessons
Wong Chuk Hang
+852 2176 9171
Les Danseurs Dance Academy
Hong Kong, Causeway Bay, Tung Lo Wan Rd, 23號, Professional Building, 20樓01室
Ballet Lessons
Causeway Bay
+852 3904 3335

Adult Dance & Fitness Classes Hong Kong

Many businesses listed in this resource offer beginning to expert dance courses.

Lessons in jazz, tap, classical ballet, acrobatics, Pointe, boys’ dance, adults and creative movement, lyrical, and contemporary dance are all available in these studios.

Dance courses for all ages are available. Professional dancers teach both adult and children’s lessons at the studio. Pre-dance, ballet pre-dance, tap, and gymnastics are among the children’s classes. Ballet, tap, belly dance, ballroom, Zumba, and other adult lessons are available. Many of the ballet schools in Hong Kong have trained dance instructors who help students develop their performing skills.

Kids Ballet Classes

Have you considered enrolling your child in ballet classes?

If not, here’s all you need to know about the advantages of ballet for kids. Have you ever wanted your tiny girl to wear a lovely tutu and her own satin shoes? If that’s the case, ballet could be a good enrichment choice for her or him!

Ballet is one of the most elegant dance styles. It has been established for centuries and has produced some of the world’s most skilled and awe-inspiring dancers, known as Prima Ballerinas. If you observe a dancer, not just when she is performing, but also offstage, you will undoubtedly be impressed by her elegance and grace.

The Best Ballet Tutors in Hong Kong

Ballet is not only enjoyable to see, but it also provides a number of advantages for individuals who participate in this dance form. Ballet students gain poise and elegance, which are two of the first things they learn in class. Ballet lessons for children of all ages are offered, and they may learn much more than simply coordination and movement.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Ballet Classes For Kids?

Ballet is an excellent approach for young children to develop muscular strength, suppleness, and overall fitness. These abilities, which are learned at an early age, will stay with your kid for the rest of her life and will help her grow into a supple and beautifully balanced adult.

You will notice a significant improvement in your child’s body awareness, self-control, coordination abilities, and balance once they begin ballet courses. It is almost unheard of for ballet students to have bad posture. Ballet techniques such as pirouettes and jumps, increase heart rate and promote cardiovascular health. Furthermore, a youngster who studies ballet at a young age finds it simpler to adjust to other dance disciplines such as jazz and modern.

Ballet is also a fantastic method for a hyperactive youngster to vent off steam in a way that is both artistic and physically helpful, as well as emotionally and socially. Ballet has more than simply physical advantages. Ballet students grow emotionally in a variety of ways, indeed Ballet students grow emotionally in a variety of ways.

Many parents of shy youngsters who take ballet report that their child’s confidence has skyrocketed. This comes from both performing with other youngsters and acting alone on stage. When children perform on stage, they feel happy and successful, which enhances their self-esteem.

This self-esteem subsequently spreads to other aspects of life, resulting in youngsters feeling more confident throughout their youth and adulthood. These youngsters also learn to communicate themselves better by narrating stories and expressing emotions with their movements and facial expressions; something which is all part of the Ballet experience.

Learning to express oneself earlier in life might help hormonal teens cope with the demands they encounter and allow them to be honest about their feelings with their parents and instructors. Ballet moves demand concentration and effort to execute and master. Children who learn these skills use them immediately in their schoolwork and daily life.

Experts and instructors agree that youngsters who learn ballet are better at following directions and collaborating with others. They are more motivated to achieve their goals, have better stress management, and are more disciplined in their schoolwork and other activities. Working in groups during ballet sessions also helps youngsters develop trust and camaraderie with others while also increasing their social extroversion.

Ballet necessitates a great deal of collaboration. To put on an outstanding presentation, the kids will learn to collaborate effectively with others. Although there are numerous ballet schools in Hong Kong and Singapore, just a handful specialize on ballet programs for children. In Singapore, the Crestar School of Dance (CSD) is one of the oldest among them, with Bebe Ballet and Dancing Tots programs for children.

Ballet courses are great for keeping kids active since they aid with posture, coordination, and energy, to mention a few. The lessons are soft and pleasant while still providing a full-body exercise that engages the core. Regular courses can help youngsters become more aware of their bodies and improve their posture, both of which will benefit them in their daily lives. Regular dance practice strengthens the brain and integrates gross and fine motor abilities, resulting in improved mobility and flexibility well into adulthood.

Ballet courses teach children how to work as a team, which is a skill they will need in everyday life. They are a terrific way to socialize and meet new people. Due to the synchronization that is learned during the sessions, ballet has been demonstrated to enhance empathy and greater connections with others. Beginning ballet classes at a young age might encourage children to remain active as adults.

Dance is an excellent way for youngsters to enhance their mental power by learning routines and memorizing techniques. Ballet teaches devotion and discipline while also requiring memory training and coordination. It also helps students to explore movement. Regular courses will assist youngsters in learning and practicing these critical life skills, which they will be able to apply in everyday activities such as school and jobs. Children’s growth and development are aided by creative movement, and they can unleash their inner creativity through dancing.

Why not enroll your youngster in a ballet lesson to find out what their true love is?

Ballet courses for youngsters provide numerous unexpected advantages in addition to the obvious technical aspects.

Parents of timid children have noted that after a few dance lessons, their child appears to have gained confidence. This is because when a youngster realizes that they can master a new talent, they usually feel quite proud of themselves. Kids tend to demonstrate a want to learn more as a result of this new motivation, which helps to promote self-esteem.

Ballet is a Team Sport!

Ballet is, in some ways, a “team sport.”

To grasp the routine and develop togetherness, children must collaborate with one another. Working with others also develops social skills in children—another reason to enroll your child in ballet class!

Ballet courses for preschoolers provide a good foundation for the rest of their children’s lives, which many dance parents are astonished to learn! Ballet has seven outstanding benefits for infants who like dancing.

Ballet class is likely to be your toddler’s first introduction to an authoritative figure who isn’t her mom. While teaching your dancer lessons about discipline and self-control, a dance instructor is an excellent ally to have on your side.

Ballet is a fantastic opportunity for children to exercise in a joyful atmosphere.

Ballet classes for children aged 3 to 5 can help with strength, flexibility, range of motion, coordination, and balance. Dance courses for youngsters on a regular basis may aid with good alignment and posture, which is beneficial to long-term health. Ballet sessions test your stamina and endurance. Dance lessons are a year-round activity that is ideal for keeping youngsters moving throughout the chilly winter months when they are cooped up inside.

Ballet exercises your Mind!

Dance tests young children’s ability to remember choreography and dance vocabulary. They learn how to connect physical and mental patterns through patterning. They improve their focus, concentration, spatial awareness, and gross and fine motor abilities by taking dancing classes.

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