Bir Tawil: The Unclaimed Territory Twice the Size of Hong Kong

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Bir Tawil is the world’s only unclaimed territory outside of Antarctica. It is larger than Mauritius and nearly twice the size of Hong Kong, at 2000 square kilometres (800 square miles), and it exists due to a border dispute between Sudan and Egypt. Until Sudan’s independence in 1956, the area was part of Egypt. Sudan then claimed the northern Hala’ib Triangle, which Egypt also claimed. Egypt and Sudan reached an agreement in 1999 that resulted in Egypt giving up its claim to the Hala’ib Triangle in exchange for Sudan agreeing to recognise Egypt’s authority over Bir Tawil. As a result, Bir Tawil is the only territory on Earth that no government claims.Bir Tawil is home to various archaeological monuments, including the ruins of an ancient temple. A number of mines in the vicinity are also thought to contain gold, silver, and other minerals.
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