Bruce Lee: German Mom & Never Been to China

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Bruce Lee was a karate master, actor, and director. On November 27, 1940, he was born in San Francisco, California, to Chinese and German parents. Grace Ho, his mother, was a Chinese opera singer, and Lee Hoi-chuen, his father, was a Cantonese opera star. Bruce was the fourth kid in a family of five.Lee’s parents chose the name Bruce after the Scottish king Robert the Bruce because they thought it sounded Western and would benefit their son in life.Lee began his martial arts training when he was six years old. He learned wing chun from Yip Man, a wing chun master. He also studied different kung fu techniques, including jeet kune do, which he later adapted into his own method.Lee made his film debut in the Cantonese picture The Kid (1950). Later, he appeared in over 20 films, including Enter the Dragon (1973), his final film before his death.Bruce Lee died of cerebral edoema on July 20, 1973, at the age of 32. His death was deemed a homicide, however the actual circumstances of his death are unknown.Bruce Lee’s legacy lives on in his films, martial arts schools, and the many people who have been inspired by his life and work.
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