Bruce Lee’s Journey To US: With Only $100 & Cha Cha Lessons

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Written By Henry Dalziel

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At the age of 18, Bruce Lee packed his belongings and left his home in Hong Kong for Seattle, Washington, with only $100 in his pocket. It was a risky move for the young man, but he was determined to start a new life in America.Lee had a rocky start in his new nation. He couldn’t find job and ended up teaching cha cha to first-class passengers on the ship that brought him over from Hong Kong. Even Lee’s poor beginnings couldn’t dampen his spirit.He eventually ended up in Seattle’s Chinatown, where he started teaching martial arts. His distinct style and abilities quickly attracted a following, and Lee was soon running his own thriving martial arts studio.Bruce Lee’s story exemplifies what can be accomplished with hard effort and determination. Despite having little starting off, he went on to achieve great things and become one of the most influential martial artists of all time.
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