China Banned Christmas But Hong Kong Openly Celebrates It

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Written By Henry Dalziel

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Christmas is not an official holiday in China. However, the Chinese government has become more accepting of the holiday and its celebrations in recent years. This is especially true in Hong Kong’s Special Administrative Region, where Christmas is openly celebrated.Christmas in Hong Kong has a rich history stretching back to the colonial era. The first Christmas celebration in Hong Kong was reported in 1841, barely two years after the British territory was created. Since then, Christmas has played a significant role in Hong Kong’s cultural scene.In Hong Kong today, people of all faiths celebrate Christmas. The holiday season brings together family and friends to exchange gifts and share special dinners. Christmas trees, lights, and other festive decorations adorn many houses and businesses.While the Chinese government does not officially recognise Christmas, Hong Kong residents surely do. In this vibrant and diverse city, Christmas is a treasured tradition.
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