Cream Soda & Milk in Hong Kong

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Cream soda and fresh milk are only widely mixed together in Hong Kong, the only other country in the world to do so. Since the early 1900s, when the first soda fountains were installed in the city, the two beverages have been combined into a single serving ever since. People in the American South, where milk was frequently added to soda fountain drinks, are thought to be where the combination first appeared.The Cream Soda and Fresh Milk combination is a well-liked beverage in Hong Kong, and it is offered at the vast majority of the city’s restaurants and cafes. Both beverages are typically presented to the customer in a tall glass that contains ice. The sweetness of the cream soda is tempered by the richness of the milk, resulting in a beverage that is both invigorating and satiating to the palate.The Cream Soda and Fresh Milk mix has become so famous that it has been exported to other countries of Asia, where it is likewise very well received and loved by a large number of people. The beverage has also started to acquire appeal in the West in recent years, with certain cafés and restaurants now serving it on their menus.
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