Crossing Border & Having Baby: HK$90,000

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Written By Henry Dalziel

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In recent years, the cost of giving birth in Hong Kong has risen sharply, with some private hospitals now charging as much as HK$90,000 for a normal delivery. This is more than double the price of just a few years ago, and significantly more expensive than the expense of giving birth in the majority of other affluent countries.A lot of reasons contribute to the high expense of childbirth in Hong Kong. For starters, there aren’t enough hospital beds in the city, so private hospitals can charge exorbitant fees for their services. Second, many pregnant moms are choosing private hospitals over state hospitals due to long wait times and bad conditions.The high cost of childbirth is having a huge impact on Hong Kong families. Many people are finding it difficult to pay the cost of a private hospital delivery and are instead choosing for less expensive, but riskier, choices such as home births or deliveries in mainland China.The exorbitant cost of childbirth is also having an effect on the city’s birth rate, with many families opting for fewer or no children at all. This is likely to have far-reaching ramifications for Hong Kong’s future.
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