Cum See Interesting Uses of Latin in Hong Kong Streets!

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In its official documents, the Hong Kong government has, for a very long time, maintained a tradition of employing Latin terms and phrases. Cum is one of the words that was used frequently in the past, and it continues to be used today. It is common practise in the fields of mathematics and science to make use of the Latin phrase cum, which can be translated as either add or with. For instance, the term cum additamentum, which translates to with addition, is used on a great deal of official government documentation.In official government papers, the use of Latin words and phrases can be traced all the way back to the early days of the British colony. Latin was the language of the educated elite in Britain, and it was regarded as a language that was more refined and complex than the local varieties of Chinese. Latin was the language of the Romans. Latin was spoken in the colony, which contributed to the sense of legality and authority that pervaded the place.Latin terms and phrases are still used in official government papers today more out of a sense of tradition than for any other reason. It is a method of demonstrating to the rest of the world that the government of Hong Kong administers an international metropolis that is an integral component of the global community. The usage of Latin is also seen to be a sign of refinement and carries with it a certain air of allure.If you ever come across a document issued by the government that contains the phrase cum, you can rest assured that it refers to the conjunction with or add. You have every reason to be proud of the fact that the Hong Kong administration is carrying on the custom of utilising Latin terms and phrases in its official papers.
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