Dangerous Delicacy: Blowfish (Fugu) Contains 500X More Poison Than Cyanide

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Fugu, or blowfish, is a delicacy in Japan and Hong Kong. It includes tetrodotoxin, which is 500 times as toxic as cyanide. Every year, some people die as a result of eating blowfish.The tetrodotoxin in blowfish is so lethal that 1 gramme can kill up to 20 humans. The poison is detected in the liver, ovaries, and skin of the fish. When preparing blowfish for food, the poisonous organs must be removed. Even when correctly prepared, however, there is still a risk of poisoning because even a small amount of tetrodotoxin can be lethal.Blowfish poisoning was first described in 1820, and several hundred instances have been documented since then. Every year, 10-20 people die from blowfish poisoning in Japan, where blowfish is a popular delicacy.Despite the risks, many people eat blowfish since it is considered a delicacy. If you do decide to eat blowfish, make sure you do so in a restaurant that is licenced to offer it and that the fish has been properly prepared by a qualified chef.
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