Best Dentists in Hong Kong

There are approximately 2,000 dentists in Hong Kong, working both in the private and public sectors.

We all have (or had) a set of teeth and we’ve all visited Dentists!

This resource lists every major dentist that we could find in the city.

How To Choose a Dentist in Hong Kong?

Finding a good dentist or dentistry in Hong Kong shouldn’t be too difficult because to practice you must be registered with The Dental Council of Hong Kong. Dentists must also be accredited by the Dental Registration Ordinance (Chapter 156), which establishes the profession’s professional standards, ethics, and licensing exams.

The Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Cap.486, makes anybody who uses personal data for an unconnected purpose liable to legal action.

Best Dentists in Hong Kong?

Of course – this is entirely subjective!

Dentists, being medical practitioners who have chosen to specialize in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of disorders and illnesses affecting the teeth, gums, jaws, and mouth – mostly have the same skills. Being a “Best Dentist” is difficult to categorize because all dentists are trained to give patients instruction and advice on how to properly care for their oral cavity so as to keep their oral health in good condition.

Dentistry in Hong Kong

It’s interesting to know that to work as a dentist in Hong Kong, candidates must complete the Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree program at the University of Hong Kong’s Faculty of Dentistry. Dentists who have received their training outside of Hong Kong must pass a license test in order to register with the Dental Council of Hong Kong.

Dentistry in Hong Kong has a very good reputation; the standards are very high and they have been since the last 40 years or more.

List of Hong Kong Dental Clinics

Hong Kong, Sai Wan Ho, Shau Kei Wan Rd, 15號, Hing Cheong Building, 地下A2舖
Sai Wan Ho
+852 2569 5551
Hong Kong, Taikoo Shing, Tai Yue Ave, M501-505舖 Taikoo Shing, On Shing Terrace Po On Mansion
Taikoo Shing
Hong Kong, Central, Wellington St, 50號11字樓1102-03室 Winway Building
+852 2397 5723
Hong Kong, 將軍澳 Yuk Nga Ln, 9號慧安商場1樓B3舖
Yau Yue Wan
YIM HO WAI Dentist
Hong Kong, Tuen Mun, Tsing Chui Path, 9號低層41, 43, 44號舖 Dorboa Building
Tuen Mun
Hong Kong, Mong Kok, Nathan Rd, 677號, Hang Seng Mongkok Building, 602室
Mong Kok
Hong Kong, The Peak, Mount Kellett Rd, 41號明德國際醫院
The Peak
Hong Kong, Central, Des Voeux Rd Central, 19號, World Wide House, 803A室
Yip Kin Man Stephen Dentist
Shop 3, Lai King Estate Fung King House, Lai Cho Rd, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong
Kwai Chung
+852 2745 4488
Hong Kong, Lam Tin, 平田商場2樓201號舖 Ping Tin Estate Ping Shing House
Lam Tin

How Much Does It Cost To See A Dentist in Hong Kong?

The cost of seeing a dentist in Hong Kong varies widely (as it does for other health practitioners), and it is mostly determined by clinic location.

According to our research here at, consultations cost at follows:

  • Without an X-Ray, costs are between HK$ 390 and HK$ 980
  • With X-Ray, costs are between HK$ 1,200 to HK$ 2,200

Dental treatment is certainly less expensive in other areas of the world, but with so many travel limitations, more and more individuals are opting for dental care in Hong Kong. While we can’t argue that any form of dental treatment in Hong Kong is inexpensive, we’ve done our best to undertake some research to assist shed some light on the subject. The cost of seeing a dentist in Hong Kong varies substantially (just like for other health practitioners). However, even simple dental treatment in Hong Kong may burn a hole in your pocket if you’re not careful.

Dental implants cost roughly HK$30,000 in Hong Kong. However, the cost will vary substantially depending on the location of the dental clinic and the number of employees.

To begin, the cost of teeth whitening varies depending on whether you choose home treatment or a dental center. Teeth whitening costs vary, but you should expect to pay upwards of HK$2,000 for at-home treatment and upwards of HK$3,000 (but commonly closer to HK$8,000) for treatment at a dental facility.

Public vs Private Dental Clinics

The Department of Health in Hong Kong runs a health-care program called “School Dental Care Service.”

This initiative provides free dental coverage to Hong Kong elementary school students.

Who may participate? At the start of the school year, students who are enrolled in participating schools. You must complete an application form and pay a modest charge. You can apply to join the program on an individual basis if your child attends a non-participating school.

Hong Kong’s public healthcare system is of good quality and low cost; nevertheless, dental treatments are not included in the public healthcare system. Only emergency care, such as pain management and extraction, is available through public dental services. This implies you’ll have to look for an alternative to the public healthcare system when it comes to dental work. Private dental clinics offer all-inclusive dental services at any time, but the most significant difficulty you will face is cost.

Children’s Dentists in Hong Kong

Child dental care is, of course, a different branch of dentistry in Hong Kong.

With developing teeth and the risk of cavities, it’s essential to take your child to the dentist for frequent checkups. Finding the appropriate dentist for your child is frequently a guessing game, but we’ve done the research and selected Hong Kong’s top dentists to keep everyone’s pearly teeth in good shape! We’ve also included a list of pediatric dental clinics and orthodontists (for when your tween or teen’s smile has to be straightened up, especially if they were thumb-suckers!) as well as some cosmetic dentists!

Dental Insurance

It’s crucial to realize that dental insurance isn’t something you can just buy. Dental coverage can only be added to an inpatient-only or inpatient-and-outpatient medical plan.

While dental care isn’t always covered, most employers offer dental coverage to their workers. Employee dental coverage in Hong Kong is deliberately capped and/or confined to a certain network of dental providers. Dental coverage is often an optional feature with sub-limits and co-pays in individual health insurance policies. Routine dental and Major dental coverage are two types of dental coverage with varying sub-limits. A waiting time of three to six months may apply to dental benefits.

While orthodontic therapy is seldom covered, some insurance companies do reimburse it after a waiting period that varies from 6 to 24 months depending on the plan. A normal dental checkup might cost anywhere between HK$350 and $1,000, depending on the services you want. Extra expenses may apply if additional procedures are necessary, such as tooth scaling and x-rays.

Dental insurance is not always included in local medical insurance policies and can be purchased as an add-on to an inpatient or outpatient plan. Many Hong Kong corporations provide dental care to their employees, although frequently with restrictions on the number of visits, the amount reimbursed, or a waiting time.

Dental treatment may be covered by a Hong Kong health insurance coverage; verify your specific policy. If your health insurance includes dental treatment, find out what your policy’s maximum dental coverage is and whether there is a co-pay.

Dental insurance may divide dental care into two categories: routine and major dental. Check your insurance coverage to see what each category’s maximum is.

Hong Kong’s health insurance is extremely costly; in fact, it is one of the most expensive countries in the world for health insurance. A single adult residing in Hong Kong may expect to spend about $50,000 for a year’s worth of health insurance coverage. Check out our medical insurance guide for additional information on how to acquire health insurance in Hong Kong.

Dental Care Outside of Hong Kong?

Dental tourism is a real thing, and it entails a patient receiving dental care in another nation. This type of “dental excursion” is sometimes linked with a vacation, but it is not always the case.

Thailand and India are the nations in Asia that receive the most dental tourism expenditures. Thailand is regarded as a country offering world-class dental facilities at significantly lower prices than other countries. Bangkok is often regarded as Thailand’s greatest city for dental work.

Another prominent dental tourism destination in India. Many of the greatest Indian dental facilities are accredited internationally. Another alternative is to get dental treatment done in Shenzhen. For example, dental implants in Shenzhen can cost as little as $20,000, compared to upwards of $30,000 in Hong Kong.

In Summary

The majority of dentists advise their patients to visit the dentist at least once every six months, or perhaps more frequently if they have certain oral needs. The key to maintaining that beautiful smile is to visit the dentist on a routine basis for cleanings and exams. Only pain treatment and extractions are available at these public dental clinics, as their services are reserved only for dental emergencies.

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