Developed East/Southeast Asia: Lowest Fertility

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Written By Henry Dalziel

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The developed regions of East and Southeast Asia are home to some of the world’s lowest birthrates for their respective sexes. Countries such as Singapore, Macau, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea are also included in this category.Because of a wide range of socioeconomic and political issues, birth rates in these countries have historically been quite low. One of the most significant contributors has been the development of contemporary methods of birth control. Because of this, married couples now have greater control over their fertility, which has resulted in a smaller average number of children being born to each household.Increasing levels of education and economic growth are two further contributors to the low fertility rates in these countries, along with the other causes mentioned above. Women who have achieved higher levels of education and economic autonomy are less likely to express a desire to have big families as a result of these achievements.The low fertility rates that are seen in these countries are not always a bad thing in and of itself. In point of fact, many industry professionals consider them to be an indication of both development and progress. Countries with low fertility rates often have greater levels of human capital, which can lead to economic growth and development in those countries.
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