Divorce Lawyers in Hong Kong

Best Divorce Lawyers In Hong Kong

Divorce is a sad business, but if you are looking for a divorce lawyer in Hong Kong with family law and matrimonial experience then it is hoped that you find this resource useful. There are hundreds of family law and divorce lawyers in Hong Kong – but choosing the right divorce lawyer can be a challenge. Hopefully, our resource is helpful.

Matrimonial & Family Law Lawyers in Hong Kong

It may be challenging to restructure your life and family in a way that feels empowered and balanced when a relationship fails. This period of dealing with the complicated challenges associated with terminating marriages, such as financial concerns, custody and asset arrangements, and more, frequently needs expert assistance and representation.

If you want legal assistance, the following law firms in our directory are among Hong Kong’s best divorce lawyers. When picking a lawyer, consider their prior cases and ask questions not just about their prices but also about how they operate and their entire philosophy. This will assist you in locating the best appropriate assistance for this important moment in your life.

Family and divorce lawyers specialize in financial and child custody issues arising from the end of a partnership – as well as Hong Kong family law. Divorce lawyers should aggressively advocate alternative conflict resolution approaches such as mediation and collaborative law, notwithstanding their background as family law litigators.

Hong Kong child custody, property split, pre-nuptial agreements, asset liquidation, reconciliation, separation, divorce, custody, wardship, and child abduction are among legal topics covered by family and divorce lawyers.

a family and divorce lawyer’s ability to give counsel to clients involved in jurisdictional conflicts is especially crucial in Hong Kong, with its multi-national community.

List of Hong Kong Divorce Lawyers

Yip Kay Chun Katie
Hong Kong, 恆生銀行總行大廈
Divorce Lawyer
+852 2198 3491
Woo Kai Fan Justin
Divorce Lawyer
+852 3911 8524
Wong Yuk Yee Joanna
International Commerce Centre (ICC), Austin Rd W, West Kowloon, Hong Kong
Divorce Lawyer
West Kowloon
+852 3969 5367
Wong Chui Yee Jessie
Hong Kong, Central, Queen's Road Central, 88號, Wah Kwong Regent Centre, 13樓
Divorce Lawyer
+852 2845 6939
Room B-D, 10th Floor, On Hing Building, No. 1 On Hing Terrace, Central, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Divorce Lawyer
+852 2867 8836
Lai Yun Yee
Hong Kong, Central, On Hing Terrace, 1號, On Hing Building, 8樓
Divorce Lawyer
+852 2391 8803
Lau Chun Kit Michael
Hong Kong, 中環德輔道中10號 東亞銀行大廈14及15樓
Divorce Lawyer
+852 2810 1212
Lau Wai San Amy
Hong Kong, Admiralty, Queensway, 89號, Lippo Centre Tower 2, 3903室
Divorce Lawyer
+852 2869 9699
Lee Jennifer OyC
Henley Building, Central, Hong Kong
Divorce Lawyer
+852 3521 1330
Lee Ka Ming Boris
Hong Kong, Central, Stanley St, 50號, World Trust Tower, 18樓
Divorce Lawyer
+852 2522 8100

Hong Kong Divorce Laws

Because of the increase in divorce claims in the previous decade, Hong Kong has gained a reputation as offering “quick” and efficient divorces.

Many individuals attribute divorce to the enormous stress of living in the city, while others blame the materialistic aspect of society. Whatever the cause, the situation is evident, and the only remaining issue is what people will do about it.

Unless the Court orders otherwise, you can seek divorce after being married for at least one year in Hong Kong. It may be difficult and traumatic to end a marriage. You may find yourself arguing with your partner more than ever before about property, money, and family. Experienced family and divorce lawyers will assist you through these tough times while protecting your legal rights.

In Hong Kong, you must be able to show the Court that your marriage has irreversibly broken down, resulting in divorce.

The length of divorce processes varies and is dependent on the facts of each case. Family and divorce lawyers, from our research, show that the procedure will take around six-ten months for parties who have achieved an overall agreement prior to filing for divorce.

Hong Kong Alimony Law

The areas of legal and practical relevance include child custody and visitation rights, financial maintenance (also called alimony in some contexts), the allocation of the estate, and child access and custody.

The majority of the instructions in this area originate from business customers who are living as expatriates in Hong Kong.

These clients are concerned about the effects that divorce might have on their employment visas as well as the immigration status of their family members.

Collaborative Divorce

A collaborative divorce is a specialized, holistic, and family-focused approach to the process of divorcing. During this type of divorce, the parties and their respective teams work together to ensure that the parties arrive at reasonable solutions to their family situation.

These solutions acknowledge that the interests of all members of the family are aligned. It is a commitment between you, your spouse, and your children to resolve your divorce or separation with the court’s participation being kept to a minimum as much as possible.

This procedure gives you the ability to make your own judgments, together with those of your spouse or partner, regarding the manner in which your divorce is handled and the result that you hope to accomplish.

Protecting Money From Divorce

Entrepreneurs want to safeguard their hard-earned money from unexpected claims and creditors, as well as complicated tax systems. A solid trust structure will not only protect your assets but will also ensure that they are passed down to future generations in an orderly and seamless way. The solution is to create private trusts that are tailored to your specific requirements and circumstances (especially your tax residency, retirement plans, and family circumstances).

Find a divorce lawyer who has advised firms and people on their pension trusts and other incentive structures, such as the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). In order to keep the finest employees, companies must have a robust pension and incentive plan. It’s also a plus if you have experience counseling individuals on their rights and entitlements under pension and incentive programs.

Apart from maintaining family wealth, giving back to society may be just as satisfying, if not more so. However, bringing a charitable idea to life may be difficult, especially without the right guidance. A knowledgeable and talented Hong Kong divorce lawyer may provide advice on the setup and administration of a charitable trust or other types of charity.

A customized trust deed or Articles of Association will provide a solid framework for the entity’s management and oversight. If you’re interested in doing so, you’ll need to apply for tax exemption status under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap. 112) to secure proper recognition.

How Much Does A Divorce Lawyer Cost?

Everything depends on the circumstances. In many aspects, Hong Kong law is simple, which makes estimating the cost of divorce in Hong Kong easier.

Here are some “typical” Hong Kong legal divorce fees:

  • Lawyers normally charge between HKD $ 2000 and HKD$ 10,000 per hour
  • Legal/Clerk/Trainees HKD$ 2000-4000 per hour
  • Solicitor: HKD$ 3500-6000 per hour
  • Partner: HKD $6000-10,000 per hour

Hong Kong law firms usually want an HKD $30-40,000 down payment in advance.

Fees should be discussed prior to the initial consultation to ensure openness from the start.

How To Find A Hong Kong Lawyer?

What are some characteristics of an excellent divorce lawyer?

Find a family and divorce lawyer that specializes in Family Law and has the necessary expertise and training to handle your case. Lawyers handle their cases in a variety of ways. Feel free to meet with a few lawyers for initial sessions before selecting the one with whom you feel most at ease.

Your family and divorce lawyer will offer real answers to challenges that arise in your case and will be there to assist you throughout the divorce process. Look for someone you can completely trust, who has appropriate abilities and expertise, a proven track record, and who communicates well.

How To Start Divorce Process In Hong Kong

Submit a divorce application or a divorce petition – that’s how it works.

The documents will be served to your spouse after this is completed. The matter will thereafter be heard in a Hong Kong Family Court. If you seek a divorce or have been served with divorce papers, you should contact a lawyer from a reputable legal office that specializes in divorce and family law.

Early on, I recommend having an initial consultation. A family lawyer can provide you with information about the legal environment, which may help you relax and have productive conversations. They’ll be able to refer you to other specialists who could be able to save your marriage. If there are children, it is critical to understand the implications of separation or divorce for them. Early intervention may be the key to addressing relationship issues and avoiding confrontation if separation or divorce is unavoidable.

The initial session gives you the opportunity to describe your circumstances, including your goals and priorities. The attorney may provide you with extensive information and recommendations, as well as bring up any issues you may not have considered.

Family law is a discretionary area of the law, and each individual’s circumstance is unique. There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution. The lawyer will collaborate with you to get the best possible result in your case.

Is Divorce Common In Hong Kong?

Sadly, both the local community and the ex-pat community in Hong Kong have a high incidence of divorce. As a result of the large number of foreigners who move to Hong Kong only to discover that the local culture and way of life aren’t always friendly toward raising a happy family, the city has acquired the pejorative moniker of being a “graveyard for marriages.”

This is because of the high number of people who move here from other countries only to discover this upon arrival.

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