East Coast vs West Coast Chow Mein: Hong Kong, Lo Mein, Chop Suey

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Chow mein is a dish that is popular in many areas of the world; yet, in some parts of the world, people refer to this food by a different name. On the East Coast of the United States, you’ll most likely hear it referred to as Hong Kong or Crispy Style chow mein, whereas on the West Coast, it’s more likely to be referred to as Lo Mein. Chop Suey is the name that is most commonly used for chow mein in areas away from the coasts.Chow mein is a dish with unknown origins; nevertheless, it is widely believed that it was first prepared in China. Noodles, vegetables, and meat are often stir-fried together to create this dish, which is then served with the noodles. The noodles that are used in chow mein can be produced fresh or dried, and the majority of the time, wheat flour is used to make them.The chow mein prepared in the style of the East Coast is normally crisp, while the chow mein prepared in the style of the West Coast is more mushy and chewy. This is owing to the various approaches of cooking that were taken. The crispy quality of East Coast chow mein is often achieved by cooking the dish in a wok over a very high temperature. Chow mein from the West Coast is known for having a silkier consistency due to the cooking method, which involves using a pot and a lower temperature.The dish known as chop suey is quite comparable to chow mein, however instead of using noodles, it is traditionally prepared using chopped veggies. Even though it is a meal that is well-liked in many different regions of the world, most people think of it in connection with the cuisine of China.To summarise, chow mein that is prepared on the East Coast is known as Hong Kong or Crispy Style elsewhere, chow mein that is prepared on the West Coast is known as Lo Mein elsewhere, and chow mein that is prepared away from the coastlines is likely to be called Chop Suey.
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