Explore Hong Kong’s Haunted Real Estate: Properties & Dates of Violent Deaths

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A major Hong Kong real estate website has a database of haunted properties that contains dates and details of violent or untimely deaths that have occurred on certain properties. The website, dubbed The Land Registry, has a list of over 100 allegedly haunted properties.Each property is described on the website, as well as the date and cause of death of the person who died there. The reason of death is uncertain in some circumstances. The website also contains a map of each property, so potential purchasers may determine if it is near any haunted sites.Some have criticised the website for being inconsiderate to the relatives of the deceased, as well as for potentially discouraging potential buyers from purchasing properties on the list. Wong Kin-ming, the website’s developer, has defended the website, claiming that it is simply a way to provide information to possible purchasers.Among the properties on the list are:- A Kowloon Tong flat where a woman was stabbed to death in 2006 by her husband.- A Wan Chai flat where a woman was murdered by her husband in 2009.- A residence in Sham Shui Po where a man was murdered in 2010 by his wife.- A Tai Kok Tsui flat where a woman was murdered by her husband in 2011.
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