Exploring Hong Kong: Walkways & Tunnels Without Pavement

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Written By Henry Dalziel

I've been living and working in Hong Kong since 2016 as an SEO Professional.

Hong Kong has a complex system of walkways and tunnels that let people wander through the city without ever touching the ground. To reduce traffic on the city’s streets, the Mid-Levels escalator, the first of these walkways, was constructed in 1993. Today, Hong Kong is one of the world’s most pedestrian-friendly cities with over 200 kilometres of covered walkways and tunnels.In addition to being a practical way to travel, the covered walkways and tunnels offer a terrific opportunity to stay out of the rain and hot summer days in the city. They are also a fantastic way to get away from the commotion of the city streets. Since many of the walkways and tunnels are found near the city’s commercial areas, office workers frequently use them as a place to unwind after a long day.Due to the fact that many of the city’s top stores and eateries are located there, the covered walkways and tunnels are also a well-liked location for shopping. The fact that so many different types of people from all over the world use the walkways and tunnels to get about makes them a terrific area to people watch.Check out the city’s covered walkways and tunnels if you’re searching for a fun and practical way to explore Hong Kong.
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