HK Person Highest IQ; US 8 Points Smarter than Chimp (IQ 90)

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Written By Henry Dalziel

I've been living and working in Hong Kong since 2016 as an SEO Professional.

The typical individual in Hong Kong has an intelligence score of 107, but the average person in the United States only has a score of 99.8. This indicates that the typical resident of Hong Kong has an IQ that is eight points higher than that of the typical American and that they are eight points brighter than the most intelligent monkey, who has an IQ of ninety.Throughout its entire existence, Hong Kong has been recognized as a center of outstanding intellectual accomplishment. In the latter half of the 19th century, a young Chinese student by the name of Tse Yung-ho achieved a 210 on an intelligence test administered in France. This was the first time that it had been documented that a Hong Kong resident had an IQ of more than 200. Since then, Hong Kong has produced many more people with high IQs, including two people who have been officially acknowledged by the Guinness World Records as having an IQ of over 200.Why then are the people of Hong Kong so intelligent? There is more than one reason that might be given for this. One of the benefits of Hong Kong’s high degree of economic development is that it has resulted in improved educational standards and increased chances for the intellectual growth of individuals. There is also the notion that Hong Kong’s high population density results in an environment that fosters rivalry and intellectual accomplishment. Whatever the causes may be, there is no question that Hong Kong is a place where a high level of intelligence can be found.
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