Besides Italy, The Country With The Biggest Amount Of Ferrari Stores Is Hong Kong

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Ferrari is an Italian luxury sports car manufacturer that was founded in 1939 by Enzo Ferrari as Auto Avio Costruzioni. In 1940, the business produced its first automobile. However, the company’s official start as an automaker is commonly dated 1947, when the first Ferrari-badged car was completed.After Italy, Hong Kong has the second-highest concentration of Ferrari stores in the world. The city’s passion for the premium car brand dates back to the 1970s, when Ferrari first established a showroom there.In Hong Kong today, there are eight official Ferrari dealerships selling both new and old automobiles. The city’s passion for Ferrari shows no signs of abating, with Hong Kong residents picking up the latest models as soon as they hit the showrooms.A variety of variables contribute to Ferrari’s appeal in Hong Kong. The brand’s luxury image and high-performance cars have always drawn the city’s wealthy elites. Furthermore, the steep topography and twisting roads of Hong Kong are ideal for driving Ferraris.The city’s love affair with Ferrari appears destined to last for many years.
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