Hong Kong, In The Original Cantonese, Means Fragrant Harbour

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Fragrant Harbour is what the original Cantonese word for Hong Kong translates to. The heavenly-scented incense that was originally burned in temples that were situated on the coast of the harbour is where the city got its name from. The aroma of the fish market, which was also situated on the waterfront, was masked by the incense that was being burned at the time.For generations, Hong Kong Harbour has served as a crucial location for commercial activity. In the early 1400s, Chinese junks were the first vessels to arrive there. In the early 1600s, the East India Company of the British began utilising the harbour as a home base of operations. It was a significant stopping point for ships moving between Europe and Asia that the harbour provided.Even in modern times, the harbour of Hong Kong remains an important focus for commercial activity. It is the location of a container port that is consistently ranked among the most active in the world. In addition, the harbour is a well-liked location for vacationers. Visitors have the option of riding the world-famous Star Ferry or going on a boat tour of the waterfront.
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