Visa-Free Access to Europe: Passports of Hong Kong SAR, S Korea, Israel & Chile

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The only passports that allow travelers to enter Europe without first obtaining a visa are those issued to citizens of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, South Korea, Israel, and Chile. This is due to the fact that these countries have agreements in place with the European Union that permit free travel for their nationals between the two zones.Throughout its history, the European Union has offered people of certain nations the opportunity to enter without first obtaining a visa. Nevertheless, in 2014, this program was made available to inhabitants of Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region), South Korea, Israel, and Chile. This extension was a way for the European Union to show its appreciation for the close economic and political links that exist between these nations and the EU.Citizens of these countries are eligible to participate in a program that waives the need for a visa to visit any of the member states of the European Union for up to 90 days. This time frame may be extended in specific circumstances, such as when it is necessary for business or academic reasons.The European Union and these countries have reinforced their connections in a variety of different ways, including the visa waiver program, which is only one of those methods. In recent years, the two parties have reached a number of agreements on a variety of topics, including commerce, investment, and security, and these accords have been signed by both parties.
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