Horrific Trio: Victim’s Head Attached to Hello Kitty Doll

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Written By Henry Dalziel

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In 2014, three Hong Kong murderers hung their victim’s decapitated head on a Hello Kitty Doll in front of her apartment. Jia Jia, a 22-year-old woman, had been seeing one of the killers, Chan Tong-kai, for six months. Chan had already been convicted of manslaughter in the United Kingdom for the death of his pregnant girlfriend and deported back to Hong Kong. Kevin Lo and Wong Tai-ho, the other two murderers, were Jia Jia’s buddies who assisted Chan in carrying out the murder. Jia Jia was strangled to death by the three males, who then decapitated her and attached her head to the Hello Kitty Doll. In order to scare her family, they hung the doll in front of her residence. The killing sparked uproar in Hong Kong, prompting calls for reforms to the city’s extradition regulations. Chan was subsequently apprehended and condemned to life in jail, while Lo and Wong received death sentences.
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