Horse Riding in Hong Kong

Looking for a Horse Riding School in Hong Kong?

I took my kid horse riding and I couldn’t find a good resource that lists out all available schools so I decided to create this resource.

List of Hong Kong Horse Riding Companies

Horse Riding Services Causeway Bay
Hong Kong, Causeway Bay, Irving St, 9號2105
Horse Riding
Causeway Bay
Tai Tong Organic EcoPark
11 Tai Tong Shan Rd, Yuen Long, Hong Kong
Horse Riding
Yuen Long
+852 2470 2201
Tai Tong Riding Club
Tai Tong, Yuen Long, Hong Kong
Horse Riding
Yuen Long
+852 2470 3638
Horse Riding Services Shek Kong
Hong Kong, 橫台山
Horse Riding
Shek Kong
+852 2483 9957
Horse Riding Company Sha Tin
Hong Kong, Sha Tin, Unnamed Road
Horse Riding
Sha Tin
Horse Riding Services Clear Water Bay
Lung Ha Wan Rd, Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong
Horse Riding
Clear Water Bay
+852 6398 6241
Hong Kong Riding Union
Kam Tin Road, Hong Kong
Horse Riding
Shek Kong
Horse Riding Company Tai Tong
Hong Kong, 元朗大棠大堂山道
Horse Riding
Tai Tong
+852 9082 2639
Tai Yuen Riding Centre
Yuen Long, Hong Kong
Horse Riding
Yuen Long
+852 2471 8492
International Riding Centre
228 Fan Kam Rd, Lam Tsuen, Hong Kong
Horse Riding
Lam Tsuen
+852 2488 0828

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