House of a Thousand Arseholes: The Nickname of Jardine House in Hong Kong

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Because of its unusual configuration, the Jardine House in Hong Kong is sometimes referred to as The House of a Thousand Arseholes. The building’s moniker is a pun on the Chinese term The House of a Thousand Buddhas, which describes the structure as having the appearance of a large toilet bowl.The Connaught Centre was the building that eventually became the Jardine House. It was constructed in 1972. In 2011, it was rebranded with the name of its present-day proprietor, Jardine Matheson Holdings. In addition to hotels and workplaces, this structure also contains retail space.Chip Tsao, a writer and author based in Hong Kong, is responsible for coining the nickname. The Jardine House was referred to by Tsao as a giant bowl of shit in an essay that was published in the Hong Kong publication HK Magazine.The Jardine House has been the target of much mockery over the course of the years, but because to its one-of-a-kind appearance, it has also become a well-liked tourist destination.
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