Hussain Butt’s Epic Sixes Pose Danger to Passing Traffic in 2004 Hong Kong Match

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Written By Henry Dalziel

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In 2004, a league cricket match in Hong Kong had to be called off because the batter, Hussain Butt, was hitting so many sixes that he posed a danger to passing traffic. The match was scheduled to take place in Hong Kong. It is not the first time that a cricket match has been stopped because of the risk posed by batsmen hitting sixes; this is just the most recent instance. In the year 1864, a game that was being played in England was called off because batsmen were endangering themselves by hitting sixes into a river that was close by. In the year 1868, a game that was being played in Australia was called off because of the risk that batsmen posed by smashing sixes into a neighbouring road.
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