In 2006, Hong KongFA Let Hong Kong Aa’s Soccer Club Avoid Relegation: Grounds Unclear

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The Hong Kong AA football club was in danger of being demoted from the Hong Kong First Division in the year 2006. However, after the club made a simple request to the HKFA that they not be demoted, the association agreed to let them stay in the division. The rationale behind the decision was never discussed publicly in any official capacity. Some people believe that the Hong Kong Football Association merely wished to avoid the possible disgrace that would come with demoting a club with such a long and illustrious history. Because Hong Kong AA is one of the most well-attended clubs in the metropolis, several people are of the opinion that the HKFA may have been motivated financially in their actions. Whatever the reasons may have been, the decision to maintain Hong Kong AA in the First Division was a contentious one, and it is one that is still being discussed to this very day.
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