Law Lok Lam: ‘Dying’ Five Times In One Day in Five Soap Operas

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On March 23, 1997, Hong Kong actor Law Lok Lam ‘died’ in five different soap operas, the article states. The first time was in the morning drama Square Pegs, in which his character, Wong Ho-ming, was involved in a fatal vehicle accident and passed away. After this, he passed away in the film The Greed of Man, in which he played the character of Chau Tin-sau, a man who passed away from cancer. Following that, Lam passed away playing the role of Chan Tai-man in The Legend of the Condor Heroes, in which his character was killed by poison. Heart failure was the cause of death for Lam’s character, Koo Ming-sing, who appeared in the daytime soap opera At the Threshold of an Era. In the final episode, Witness to a Prosecution, which aired in the evening, he passed away while playing the role of Ko Chun-ho. In the end, it was a very hectic day for Lam, as he was required to record five distinct death scenes for five different soap operas. Due to the fact that all of Lam’s death scenes were favorably accepted by audiences, he earned the title of King of Death as a result of his acting abilities. However, there were some viewers who did not understand why Lam’s character passed away in each of the five soap operas. It was then found that Lam had consented to die in all five soap operas as part of a publicity gimmick to promote the plays, and that the stunt had been paid for by the soap operas themselves. The ploy proved successful, and all five of the soap operas were able to garner significant ratings.
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