Leslie & Alan’s Rivalry & Retirements

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Written By Henry Dalziel

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When it comes to the pop music scene in Hong Kong, there are few names more legendary than those of Leslie Cheung and Alan Tam. These two superstars have been at the peak of their game for nearly twenty years, during which time they have produced hit after hit and sold out arena after stadium. On the other hand, there was a heated competition going on between Cheung’s and Tam’s supporters behind the scenes.The tensions between Cheung and Tam reached a boiling point in 1988, the year in which they both made the decision to leave the Hong Kong music industry. Fans of Cheung were left in utter disbelief, while those of Tam celebrated the outcome as a triumph. The two superstars would each go on to have great solo careers in the future, but the animosity between their respective fan bases would never go away.
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