Multi-Million Dollar Apartments: Collectors in Hong Kong Who Keep Rare Monkeys and More

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Written By Henry Dalziel

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The unlawful trade in wildlife products is nothing new to Hong Kong. In point of fact, for many years the city has served as a central location for the illegal trafficking in wildlife. This industry is responsible for the trafficking of live rare monkeys and turtles, elephant ivory, rhino horns, and prostitutes among other things.In Hong Kong, one of the most lucrative businesses is dealing in live, exotic monkeys and turtles for sale. These creatures are frequently sold to collectors, who then maintain them in their mansions for multiple millions of dollars. The smuggling of elephant ivory is another highly lucrative industry in Hong Kong. Ivory from elephants is frequently utilized in the production of carved sculptures and other beautiful products. In Hong Kong, there is also an illegal trade in rhinoceros horns. Traditional Chinese medicine calls for the use of these horns in its preparation. In Hong Kong, there is also a market for illegally sold prostitutes. They are frequently offered for sale to wealthy males who are interested in having sex with the women.Hong Kong is facing a significant challenge with regards to the unlawful trading of exotic animals and objects. It is estimated that Hong Kong’s unregulated wildlife trade is worth billions of dollars annually. The populations of these creatures are suffering a tremendous loss as a direct result of this trade. The sole purpose of killing many of them is to harvest their organs and sell them on the black market. This is a significant problem with regards to conservation that has to be addressed.
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