Nearly Half Of Hong Kong’S 78 Million Population Lives In Public Housing

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Close to half of Hong Kong’s population, which totals 7.8 million, resides in public housing. This is due to the fact that housing in Hong Kong is extremely expensive, and a large number of people do not have the financial means to own their own homes.In 1954, the Hong Kong government began construction on the first public housing estates, marking the beginning of the city’s public housing programme. These estates were conceived with the intention of serving as reasonably priced homes for families with lower incomes. Since then, the government has constructed many additional public housing estates, and now, these estates are home to approximately 2.1 million individuals who are in need of a place to live.Public housing estates are typically found in urban settings, and their constituent buildings are typically multi-story structures. Every estate is equipped with its own facilities, including stores, schools, and parks of its very own.Through public housing estates, the government assists low-income families in securing accommodation for themselves and their children. Families that reside in public housing estates are required to pay rent that is calculated according to their household’s income. This indicates that they have the financial means necessary to maintain a residence that is both secure and pleasant.The government is dedicated to meeting the housing needs of all inhabitants of Hong Kong at a price that is affordable. In the not too distant future, the government intends to expand both the number of public housing estates as well as the amount of housing help it offers to families with lower incomes.
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