Outdoor Escalators in HK: 800M

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Hong Kong is home to the world’s longest outdoor covered escalator system, and it’s called the Mid-Levels Escalator. The escalator has a total of 20 escalators and three moving walkways, and it is over 800 meters long (nearly 2,600 feet) in length. The Central commercial center and the Mid-Levels residential area were both able to be connected thanks to its construction in 1993. It is believed that 25,000 people use the escalator each and every day, which makes it one of the busiest escalators in the entire globe. It is free to use and operates from 6 am to 10 pm daily. The escalator has developed into a well-liked spot for tourists to visit, and a good number of them ride it simply for the unique experience it provides. It has also been utilized in the entertainment industry as a film setting, most notably in the movies Die Another Day and The Dark Knight. The escalator has garnered accolades for both its ease of use and its high level of productivity; nevertheless, it has also been the focus of some criticism. In the year 2010, a woman tragically lost her life after tumbling down an escalator and being run over by a passing train. On the year 2013, a guy lost his life after being struck by a maintenance vehicle as he was using the escalator.
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