Oxford Tutor Sues HK Restaurant Over 90c Dispute

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Written By Henry Dalziel

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In 2017, an Oxford-educated English tutor filed a lawsuit against a Hong Kong restaurant over a 90-cent dispute. The tutor, who was not identified in the case, said that he ordered two glasses of orange juice but received just one. When he asked for a second glass, he was told it would be an extra 90 cents. The tutor refused to pay the additional 90 cents, and the restaurant refused him a second glass of orange juice.The instructor then filed a lawsuit against the restaurant, saying that the establishment breached an implied contract by failing to provide the second glass of orange juice. The restaurant claimed that no contract existed and that the tutor had no legal right to a second glass of orange juice.The tutor won the case at trial, and the judge ordered the eatery to pay him the 90 cents plus interest and legal fees.This story demonstrates the significance of contracts in business operations. When two parties sign into a contract, they are legally required to meet their contractual commitments. If one party breaches the contract, the other party may seek monetary compensation. The instructor was successful in suing the restaurant for the cost of the second glass of orange juice, plus interest and legal fees, in this instance.
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