Passenger Suffers Cardiac Arrest on Flight; Saved by Onboard Doctors, Police, and Pharmacist

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Written By Henry Dalziel

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When Dr Darryn Willoughby, a Baylor University professor of health, human performance, and recreation, suffered a cardiac arrest on a flight from Canada to Hong Kong, he was assisted by a doctor, a police officer, and a chemist who happened to be on board as well. Dr. Willoughby is currently doing well and grateful to the three people who helped save his life for their quick thinking and action.This is not the first time a Good Samaritan has saved someone on a plane. In truth, there have been several instances of people helping those in need on flights. A doctor assisted a passenger who went into cardiac arrest on a trip from London to New York in 2006. On a flight from Los Angeles to New York in 2010, a passenger assisted another passenger who was having a seizure.The fact that people are willing and able to assist others in need on flights demonstrates the strength of the human spirit. It’s also a good reminder to be prepared for emergencies, whether you’re a passenger or a crew member.
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