Pet Stores in Hong Kong

Where to Shop For Pets in Hong Kong

Pet stores have been booming in Hong Kong during the pandemic because, of course, we’ve all been spending a lot of time at home. The pet stores that I’ve listed below are located throughout the city.

When it comes to being cooped up at home, there’s no denying that having a pet will dramatically change your perspective of life.

The pandemic has made the demand for dogs and puppies (especially dogs) surge. In fact, in most cases, you’ll be hard-pressed to find the breed that you are interested in acquiring.

The pandemic has likely triggered the caring outlet that we have all missed with having been in lockdown. A pet, especially puppies in Hong Kong, (because it is such a “built-up city”) has the massive benefit of being a positive outlet for both pets and humans.

However, being stranded at home with your pet will bring its own set of difficulties so you’ve really got to think carefully when it comes to buying a puppy in Hong Kong.

Pet Shops To Buy Pet Food And Supplies In Hong Kong

It’s never been easier to get pet food! Prescription Food allows you to shop from the comfort of your own home and have it delivered or picked up. Prescription Food carries a wide range of high-quality pet food, vitamins, treats, and veterinary supplies. Many of the pet stores we’ve listed allow you to send them the prescription over WhatsApp to order prescription-only items.

When it comes to ordering pet food supplies you can typically choose from a variety of products, including Dermcare, Natural Food, and Vet-a-mix. Whether your pets want vitamins, shampoos, grooming products, deodorizing sprays, snacks, or medicine feeders, you’ll find everything they require from a company within our list.

Hong Kong Pet Store Overview

There are many of methods to offer your fur babies the finest life in Hong Kong, whether you’re looking for a recently acquired pet or the top animal clinics. After a delicious breakfast at a dog-friendly café or restaurant, pamper your pets with the greatest care and products! We’ve compiled a list of Hong Kong’s top pet supplies businesses, which provide everything from toys to snacks to keep your furry pals happy and healthy.

List of Hong Kong Pet Store Shops

Top One Victory Ave
Hong Kong, Ho Man Tin, Victory Ave, 18號號地下
Pet Store
Ho Man Tin
+852 2713 9997
Top One Pet Supplies Ltd Pet Pet Street
Hong Kong, 青衣長發商場街市34-35地舖
Pet Store
Nga Ying Chau
+852 3480 3870
Top One Pet Supplies Ltd Petz Beauty Station
Hong Kong, 香港仔大道223-227號利群商場32D號地下
Pet Store
+852 3428 3523
Top One Pet Supplies Ltd
Hong Kong, Waterfall Bay, Wah Lok Path, World Fair Court, 華富村號舖
Pet Store
Waterfall Bay
+852 3111 2864
Top One Pet Supplies Ltd
Hong Kong, 油塘嘉榮街3-7號嘉發商場地舖
Pet Store
Yau Tong
+852 2727 4088
Unique Reptile
10K Boundary St, Prince Edward, Hong Kong
Pet Store
Prince Edward
Waterfall Pet Shop
Hong Kong, 荃灣灰瑤角街18-22號富源工業大廈8/F803室
Pet Store
Tsuen Wan
+852 2986 8939
WOW WOW Pets Beauty
G/F, Rainbow Garden Block C, Shop6, 351 Castle Peak Road-Castle Peak Bay, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong
Pet Store
Tuen Mun
+852 2440 2442
Y Y Suen Pet Shop
Hong Kong, Central, Wellington St, 85-89號, Khuan Ying Commercial Building, 2樓B室
Pet Store
+852 2869 8874
Royal Pet Care
Belcher Court Block A, Sai Cheung St, Sai Wan, Hong Kong
Pet Store
Sai Wan
+852 2818 6603

Hong Kong Pet Stores Reputation

Hong Kong pet stores are known for selling ill pups. They’re then put in stark cages in a pet shop under bright lights, with potential purchasers banging on the window, which just adds to their anxiety. Consider how terrified and perplexed the dog is.

If you see cruelty at a pet store, please call our SPCA Hotline at 2711-1000 or AFCD 1823 to report it so that it may be investigated.

Puppies are “warehoused,” waiting for a spot at a pet shop. With such a rapid turnover in puppy sales, the pet shop must “warehouse” its inventory elsewhere in order to “restock the shelves” quickly. The SPCA Inspectorate has been involved in a number of investigations into pet store storage. Puppies were found to be confined to tiny cages stacked one atop the other, never let out of their cages, and sick puppies were pumped full of medications supplied by inexperienced employees in an attempt to keep the pets healthy or conceal symptoms until they were sold.

Hong Kong Puppies

People are increasingly turning to the internet to find pups. Both pet stores and breeders provide this less expensive option, which allows them to evade licensing requirements and government inspections. Arrangements are made totally online, and payment is frequently done in cash upon delivery, with vendors agreeing to transport the puppy to a mutually agreeable place. Of course, websites advertise to offer puppies from “reputable” breeders, but a respectable breeder would not sell his or her puppies to an unknown customer who has not been verified.

Every breed is unique, and there are several variants even within the same breed. Coming into our store with your pet to try on the goods is the best method to ensure that you are obtaining the correct fit. We love seeing our four-legged customers, and we’re confident they’ll enjoy a pet-friendly adventure with us.

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