Plane’s Engines Fail On Approach To Hong Kong, Pilots Land At Dangerous Speed

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In 2010, the engines of a Cathay Pacific airliner had technical difficulties as it approached the airport in Hong Kong. The pilots brought the jet in 300 metres before the end of the runway despite the fact that it was travelling at an unsafely high speed. The fuel had been tainted, which led to the malfunction of the engine.This is not the first instance in which tainted fuel has led to the malfunctioning of an engine. In point of fact, this is a relatively widespread issue. In 2008, a British Airways plane had to make an emergency landing in London owing to tainted gasoline, which caused both of the plane’s engines to stop working.There are a few different pathways that might lead to the contamination of fuel. Either condensation or leaks can allow water to enter the fuel tank and cause it to become contaminated. When the water reaches the tank, it can combine with the fuel, which can lead to a variety of issues.Another way that fuel might become tainted is if the fuel filters that are being used are either very old or very unclean. It is possible for pollutants to infiltrate the fuel system if the filters are not changed on a regular basis as recommended.Fuel that has been tainted in any way can lead to a variety of difficulties, including the breakdown of the engine. Because of this, it is essential to check that the fuel you are using is pure and devoid of any pollutants.
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