Proved: Time Travel Impossible as Light Speed Max, Say Hong Kong Physicists

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Researchers from the University of Hong Kong claim to have demonstrated in a recent study that a single photon complies with Einstein’s thesis that nothing can move faster than the speed of light. This implies that time travel is not conceivable in real life or in science fiction.According to Einstein’s special relativity theory, which was first presented in 1905, the speed of light is a constant in all inertial frames of reference. As a result, you will always measure the speed of light as being constant, regardless of how quickly you are going.If you attempted to move faster than the speed of light, you would discover that your relative passage through time would be slower than that of everyone else. Time dilation is the name given to this phenomena.So, if you were to go into the future, you would discover that you had experienced a slower passage of time than the rest of humanity. You would discover, however, that you were unable to move faster than the speed of light, making time travel impossible.The latest research, which was released in the journal Nature Communications, demonstrates that a single photon can likewise experience this temporal dilation effect.In the experiment, physicists used a Mach-Zehnder interferometer to send a single photon across the apparatus. The photon is split into two routes by this mechanism, which then combines the two paths.The photon will take longer to recombine if the two pathways are different lengths than if they are the same length.The scientists discovered that they could regulate how long it took for the photon to recombine by varying the length of the two routes. They were able to effectively control the photon’s speed as a result.They discovered, however, that they were unable to accelerate the photon beyond the speed of light. This demonstrates that time travel is not feasible and that Einstein’s hypothesis is accurate.
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